Uptown Birdies was invited to celebrate the closing reception of “Doctor Kid President” Art exhibition by Brian Belott; a collection of children’s art. Housed in the Gavin Brown Enterprise Art Gallery, the majority of the art was from the Rhoda Kellogg International Children’s Art Collection. Rhoda Kellogg was a school teacher and psychologist who collected numerous pieces of art from children between the ages of two and eight. Brian Belott, the curator/artist also re-created works from various children.

Alongside these works of art, were art pieces from our own local neighborhood children. Various schools were invited to visit the exhibit this past Spring to create their own artwork, and it was on display for everyone to enjoy!

Uptown Birdies was honored to be a part of their July 1st art closing. The closing reception was complete with an interactive puppet show by Poncili Creacion, storytelling by our friends from The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and of course Arts & Crafts! We made paper bag birdie puppets, bookmarks, and colored! We danced and laughed and met lots of new friends! Scroll through for pictures of this fantastic event! There’s so much going on UPTOWN.

Shaneeka Wilson
Author: Shaneeka Wilson

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