Uptown Stories is a federally approved non-profit creative writing program in Washington Heights. Classes are structured primarily as workshops, where the students read and discuss each other’s writing, creating a community of young authors. Workshops meet on a ten-week cycle, with nine two-hour-long classes followed by a celebratory reading in the evening for friends and family.  To ensure our workshops are accessible to all children, families pay tuition at a self-determined rate, from $500 for full tuition to $1. Visit uptownstories.org for more info.

There’s still room in the summer writing workshops! Your child can create magical worlds, poetic dreams, or a creative play with their vetted and experienced writing staff. Instructors are passionate about their work and get through to the most reluctant writers. We have experience first hand, as one of our daughters attended a creative writing as well as a comics class. At the end of each session, the students get to share their work with family at a reading ceremony, held at Word Up Books Store.

We encourage you to help keep Uptown Stories operational. You can donate snacks, money, or materials.

Michelle Caines
Author: Michelle Caines

Co-creator of Uptown Birdies, Michelle is a Harlem-born mother of three with a passion for anything educational and mindfulness. She enjoys hunting down affordable kid-friendly events within upper Manhattan and teaching mindfulness. Social handle: @mscaines & @tlbmindfulness