It’s like a scene from a movie – unbelievable how quickly it all escalated. And now here we are: The New Normal. We are here with you – our lives turned upside down by this quick moving virus and the disruption is has brought to our daily schedules. Schools are closed, perhaps you’re working from home, or on layoff, or unpaid leave, or asking a friend to watch your children while you cautiously go to work.

No matter your individual situation – the children are home all day, everyday. Luckily, our Government and our Community has pulled together several resources for education, entertainment and mindfulness – Please see below for suggestions. Also feel free to reference this page, we will keep it updated throughout this situation.

Health and News Updates

For the latest developments on Covid-19:

The New York Times has waived their subscription fee – providing complimentary access to the Health News now.

You may also subscribe to the Center for Health Security Newsletter from Johns Hopkins University.

For the entire Family – check out “Peekaboo Kidz” on YouTube – their video about what covid-19 is helps ease small minds.

Education Tools

  • The NYC Department of Education is lending internet enabled ipads to public school students. Fill out a form HERE and they will follow up with the details.
  • Speaking of which, if you need internet access at home, Comcast and Spectrum are offering two months of complimentary wifi for new customers only. Additionally, Metro PCS, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Comcast are all lifting their unlimited data caps for cell phone subscribers for at least 60 days. Contact your cell phone provider for more information.
  • Sign up for the Scholastic Learn at Home Program which includes 3 hours of learning per day for up to 4 weeks per grade level. For grades Pre-K through 9th grade. and it’s FREE!
  • IXL offers instructional interactive online learning in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies and Spanish! You may subscribe for 1 subject ($9.95 per subject) or more at a discounted cost. They cover all grade levels.
  • We wrote an article on homeschooling your kids with great tips and advice for creating a flow of learning in the home along with a ton of online resources! Check that article out HERE.
  • For over 100 websites and resources that are applicable to young children and teens alike – full of Free resources and discounted rates – this spreadsheet was contributed to by many parents and educators – click HERE.
  • For as long as schools are closed – Audible is offering Audible Stories for children and teens! Completely Free! Click HERE to begin listening to a new book. However, if you prefer the tangible item, WordUp Community Bookstore in Washington Heights is taking online orders!
  • The New York Public Library may be closed, however their support hasn’t ended! The have a long list of Remote Resources that you can access with or without a library card. However the program of note is their online tutoring program. In a collaboration with BrainFuse, they offer daily online homework help for several subjects in all grades. Click HERE for more information.

Fun and Unexpected…

  • Join Papa Tom and the Chapin Sisters on Facebook Live every morning for a lively family sing a-long and break. This Father and Daughter trio hosts these stay at home concerts for FREE – however feel free to donate to their Patreon Page
  • Check out the Bird Academy: “When you’re ready for a moment of beauty, or a child needs something new to focus on, bring birds’ innate joy and hope into your life”. This online resource has games, lessons, videos and more. It’s a thoughtful and considerate view of nature that us city-dwellers often do not make time for.
  • Our “Learning at Home” Pinterest Board is full of fun crafts, learning hacks, and science projects! Check it out HERE.

Get Creative!

  • Scribble Art Works is offering twice a week online art projects. The classes are broken down by age and offers drawing, painting and even sculpture. Once you register for the class you receive your Zoom link (video conferencing) and a list of supplies that can be ordered from Blick Online if you need to. They also offer private online lessons as well!
  • Union Square Play is offering daily art projects for Parents of little ones – providing some guidance and support for families at this time. Everyday there will be one offline at-home activity, one children’s class video, and one online community event for parents. Visit their site HERE for additional information.
  • Looking for an art activity to do with your kids? You can find over 500 kids arts and crafts activities and ideas on The Artful Parent.
  • You can also enroll your artist in an online art course. Learn how to draw figures, abstract art, or the essence of still life, and much more at Carla Sonheim’s website. There are paid art courses (which are on sale right now) plus free kids classes as well! Go Create!

Mindfulness & Self Care

  • Meditation is an excellent way to clear clutter from one’s mind. The Meditation Museum has helpful links to help you learn to meditate as well as guided practice videos.
  • Need some guidance on how to meditate with kiddos? Find some great advice HERE from our friends at Three Little Birds Daycare to help you and your young ones settle into meditation. 
  • With so much going on in the News and online, Shine & Mental Health America have partnered up to create ‘Care for your Coronavirus Anxiety’. There’s a toolkit address financial fears, isolation fears, meditation and even a section for parents to discuss fear/anxiety with their children.
  • Here is a wonderful article about how to cope with Coronavirus anxiety – with actual strategies to implement: ways to react, when to log off the internet, and more.
  • The Riverdale Y is hosting some of their fitness classes for FREE online! Pilates, Yoga and Family Fitness available live. All you do is sign up and sign in!

Remember – you are not alone! We are in this together. We will do our best to support each other during this time. This too shall pass.

We will update this article when new information presents itself. Feel free to check back. We’ll be here – with you, for you.

Shaneeka Wilson
Author: Shaneeka Wilson

Mom to an adult trapped in a tween's body (HELP!). Passionate about Education, Community Involvement, and Good Coffee. Co-creator of Uptown Birdies.