2018 Summer Debate Camp for High School and Middle School students in the NYC and surrounding areas

Where: Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (511 West 182nd Street New York, NY 10033)
When: July 18th – July 31st (weekdays only), from 9am to 3pm

Why: This 2 week debate camp is a unique opportunity for you to learn, grow, and have fun at the same time. Debate as an activity is a great way to learn the art of communication, persuasion, critical thinking, and research. These skills are invaluable in your future no matter what career you pursue and something you won’t be able to learn in the classroom.

This camp is specially geared to teach students of marginalized communities to think about the world differently and challenge existing institutions. Therefore you will have the privilege of hearing special talks, from undergraduate and graduate scholars, in a variety of topics ranging from Marxist theories to intersectional feminism. While these topics may seem foreign, intimidating, or downright boring at first, there is a rewarding feeling that comes from acquiring knowledge that makes it inherently worth it. You will find that knowledge is the most important tool when it comes to combatting ignorance and injustice.

Perhaps just as important, if not even more, is the power of community. This is a great opportunity to make friends and participate in something unique and powerful with them. Among debate activities will be recreational ones so everyone can get to know one another on a more personal level and thoroughly enjoy the experience of learning. You will be able to put the skills and information you learn towards the intra-camp tournament that will take place during the 2nd half of the camp, where you can debate against your friends to see who claims the champion title and prize.

So if you like learning, making friends, or downright arguing, then this is the camp for you. All expenses will be paid for including transportation and food. This camp is made possible by a grant I received from Binghamton University to fund this project so I can help shape a new generation of revolutionary thinkers. The long term goal is to garner interest for an afterschool debate team that will run in your respective schools once the academic year starts again in September.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me, Ramya Gopalakrishnan, atrgopala2@binghamton.edu

Michelle Caines
Author: Michelle Caines

Co-creator of Uptown Birdies, Michelle is a Harlem-born mother of three with a passion for anything educational and mindfulness. She enjoys hunting down affordable kid-friendly events within upper Manhattan and teaching mindfulness. Social handle: @mscaines & @tlbmindfulness