Lehman College – Academy for Children and Teens
Ages 6-year-olds thru High Schoolers

Join their fall classes and enjoy art and music, explore computer technology, and keep fit with their NEW family yoga. Improve your math and English language arts, and prepare for high school & college admission with test prep classes.
Lehman Academy for Children and Teens classes begin in October and run at various lengths. Register now! 

English Language Arts Classes: Reading and writing skills are developed in a supportive environment with a focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking. Writing skills are strengthened as children respond in paragraphs and essays to both literary and nonfiction selections. A love for reading is fostered.
Math Improvement Classes: In a supportive environment, children focus on grade-appropriate computational skills and problem-solving. They gain confidence in their ability to work with mathematical concepts which results in the enjoyment of math.

academic skills pricing and info


ELA Classes and MAth Improvement Classes begin October 17th! 

Fee: $125.00
Dates: 10/17/2020 – 11/21/2020 (6 sessions)
Times: Depends on grade. View details or register here

– Little Actors, ages 6-8: Children will develop creativity and self-confidence through improvisation, mime games, movement, creative expression, and role-playing, and using their imagination.
– Acting Workshop, ages 9-15: This workshop helps in developing creative expression, communication skills, and confidence through movement, voice, and acting techniques. Improvisation and character development provide an early foundation in theater skills.
– Creative Drawing and Sketching, ages 8-13: Using pencil, charcoal, markers, and pens, kids will learn about perspective, line, shape, composition, texture, and volume using still life settings and their own imagination. 
– Dive into Watercolor, ages 9-14: Children will learn how to combine water and paint for wash techniques and practice mixing colors. Get creative, express yourself, and create a masterpiece!
– Piano, ages 8-10 & 11-14: Children begin to learn to play the piano in a relaxed environment. Emphasis is placed on proper posture, note reading, rhythm, and hand technique on the keyboard. 
-Guitar, ages 7-14: Children at all levels will learn fingerboard techniques, open chord progressions, simple accompaniment styles, and one-octave major scales.

Creative Arts Pricing and info


Fee for Guitar class: $125
Fee for all other classes:
Dates for Piano: 10/4/2020 – 11/15/2020 (7 sessions)
Dates for all other classes: 10/17/2020 – 11/21/2020 (6 sessions)
Times: Depends on age. View details or register here

– Intro to Animation: Become a 2D animator like the animators at Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney. Master basic animation techniques such as storyboarding and character design. Students at all levels of drawing proficiency are welcome!
– Intro to Coding: Using the block-based Scratch development environment, you will learn how to create simple games, animations, and interactive stories. This course is a great foundation to learn other advanced programming languages.
– Web Development for kids: You’ll learn how to use HTML tags to create web pages that can be displayed in any browser across the web. You’ll also learn to use CSS to make your web pages look awesome. 

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Fee for all classes: $115
Dates: 10/17/2020 – 11/21/2020

Times: Depends on the class. View details or register here

Tech offerings go fast! Register asap!

Lehman Academy also offers test prep for the SAT & SHSAT on Saturdays. Prep classes are 4 weeks only, priced at $135, starting October 10th. Family Yoga is priced at $105 for 6 sessions, October 17th. American Sign Language for ages 8-13, $105 for the session, starting Oct 17th.

Lehman Academy for Children and Teens classes begin in October and run at various lengths. Register now!