Homeschooling got you down? Need to introduce a little fun into your school day? Check out our favorite education tools from Amazon below! 

Here’s the “key” to a great math lesson, try the Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication Self Correcting Math Problem Keys. How it works: Students wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right. Then turn the Wrap-ups over to see if they got it right! Using hand-eye coordination to practice your multiplication tables is a great way to make sure they stick!

Pet Me is a fun STEM-based board game that the entire family can play! This awesome math game boosts your child’s division skills and confidence! The math dice game is aligned to common core and Singapore math guidelines and great for ages 8 and above!

Those Base Ten Blocks that you see in classrooms can be purchased to use at home! These brightly color-coded blocks designed by edx education visually represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousands so students can visualize and quickly differentiate place value. This base ten set can help kids understand grade-appropriate math material such as place value, decimals, length, and volume. We actually own these and love them! They help us through fractions, multiplication and more.

Now flash cards are something we can all make at home with index cards and a sharpie. However, if you do not have the supplies, or just prefer the aesthetics of printed cards, the UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards covering numbers 0 through 12 are our favorite. You cannot see through these at all! A great way to play and learn together.

Similar to the above flashcards, but with an entirely different twist, these triangular shaped cards help with multiplication and division! The Star Right Math Triangle Flash Cards helps children practice numbers 0 through 12 and can be played alone or in a group. These are also suitable for different levels of learning and come with washable markers – so that you can write your answers on the back to be checked by a parent later! We own these and they are really fun to use, over and over again! Repetition is the mother of skill!

Brain Quest has been around for a long time and their books are a lot of fun. But did you know they also have Brain Quest Decks? These connected cards have several age-appropriate questions about Geography, Biology, History and more! The decks begin at age 2 and progress all the way through grade 7. There are even subject-specific decks as well! Check out the options HERE.

Perplexors Learning Logic books are fun and stimulating for grades 3 and up! Learning logic helps students think in all subject areas and even helps with the ‘logic’ of standardized tests – which is why we initially purchased them. The “math perplexors” add in an additional level of mathematical practice. A word problem sets up the situation and clues provide the information necessary to solve the puzzle; students sort out information and use the process of elimination to come to a conclusion—-using brainpower every step of the way!

And don’t forget your tried and true games like Scrabble, UpWords, and even Monopoly! Those oldies yet goodies still provide mental stimulation, problem solving, and math and word skills!

*These contain affiliate links that supports our site. As with anything, please use your own best judgment when purchasing products – we are not experts nor are we endorsing these products, just sharing some things that have helped us and other parents create an environment of learning!

Shaneeka Wilson
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