We have all done it. “New year, new me” is the all, too familiar, mantra of adults who make a pact with themselves. To do something better come the new year. But who says this tradition is just for grown-ups? Kids can benefit from a new year’s goals just as much, if not more than adults. Big or small, setting a goal and sticking to it (with the help of mom or dad) will do wonders for the whole family. Here are some ideas of resolutions for your little ones and how to help them keep them, Uptown style!
Resolutions for kids and how to keep them going
Be more active
With technology use at an all-time high, getting kids up and moving is becoming more and more of a challenge. Instead of just taking them to the playground, try to encourage your kiddos by being active with them. Children are much more willing to do something they see their parents doing. And with the way this winter is going, you might as well take advantage of the weather. Consider a visit to Inwood Hill Park where you can walk the trails, play on the playscapes and enjoy some fresh air. And let’s not forget the beautiful caves throughout the park! Another great way to be more active is to take some guided tours like the ones at Wave hill where they can see their neighborhood from a whole new perspective. Kids don’t always admit it, but they love to learn while being active. Although you may get some push back at first, once in the groove of things, these are sure to be a hit.
Learn a new skill
Kids are like sponges, so they learn pretty fast and get bored just as quickly. To keep them entertained and learning something new, let them express their creativity at painting parties, like Confetti Paints. If art isn’t their style, try learning a new sport. Gymnastics aids in building personal discipline and stronger grit. The Wendy Hilliard Foundation offers great gymnastic programming.

Get more involved in nature
Hands-on experiences are ones guaranteed to bring a smile to the whole family. If your little one’s new year’s resolution is to get more involved in nature, consider taking a trip over to the Bronx Zoo to learn about animals outside of an iPad or a book. Another great way to get involved in nature is to visit the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden at the New York Botanical Garden. They offer several drop-in family programs which include gardening and nature exploration. There’s also Central Park’s beautiful Conservatory Garden at East 106th street. 

Regardless of what your child’s resolution is, there are plenty of ways to help them achieve it. Let us know some of your family’s resolutions and how you helped them keep them going!

Michelle Caines
Author: Michelle Caines

Co-creator of Uptown Birdies, Michelle is Harlem born mother of three with a passion for anything educational, and good eats. She enjoys hunting down affordable kid-friendly events within upper Manhattan. Social handle: @mscaines