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What is SchoolSharp+? It is a Saturday enrichment program for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Located in Morningside Heights, they have been educating young people for the past 20 years (Previously under the name ‘SchoolPlus’).

Kids join at 3.5 to 4 years old and often stay in the program throughout the duration of their schooling until entry into College! SchoolSharp+ provides the extra rigor and instruction that turns its students into scholars! In addition to enrichment, SchoolSharp+ also provides specialized test prep, ensuring that a host of their 8th graders are accepted into top-choice high schools such as Bronx Science, Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Lehman, Bard, and Beacon, to name a few.

If you’ve read this far, you can tell that this is not your typical enrichment program! Students are getting excellent grades, preparing for specialized exams, and competing in competitions! SchoolSharp+ students participate in Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (High Achievement Award for 2018-2019), Young Hawks Math grades 1 to 3, and the US Crystal Growing Competition (Ben Muchnik, 3rd place 2018Sasha and Mason Doll, 1st place 2017)!

Read more from SchoolSharp+ below:

“Our goal is to provide an advanced and challenging program of core academic subjects both virtually and in-person.  We believe that making children fall in love with the process of learning leads to many happy byproducts along the way, including higher scores on standardized tests. More importantly, it leads to less burnout and more joy.

We promptly transitioned into online learning when the pandemic started, and our students successfully finished the school year.  SchoolSharp+ also offered summer classes online, so kids’ minds are continuously engaged in fun learning.

Our current program’s primary focus is Math, Science, ELA, SHSAT Practice, Hunter Prep, SAT/ACT, Economics. There are additional programs to learn Early Logic, World History, Architecture, Chess, and Russian.  Our small size classes and expert teaching create a favorable environment for developing advanced mathematical thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity.

We believe in an early start: the sooner kids get into the habit of learning things, the more they concentrate, absorb and process information, the more comfortable and enjoyable the cognitive process will be for them in the future.”

Check out their Fall 2020 schedule and calendar HERE. Each course has a description of what is offered as well as the price for each subject.

*Every new student can try a class for free before committing to the whole semester.

SchoolSharp+ is conveniently located on the beautiful grounds of the Union Theological Seminary at 3041 Broadway and 122nd Street. Classes are currently held via ZOOM.

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