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Grandma’s Place is Harlem’s premier toy and children’s book boutique that is a top-notch family experience with an upscale ambiance and down home appeal. From nostalgic games, dolls of various ethnicities and dollhouses, to unique kites and heirloom wooden toys and puzzles, Grandma’s Place is the most enchanting nook of fun in Harlem to date!

Over 30 years ago, “Grandma” Dawn Harris-Martine, founder and owner of Grandma’s Place, envisioned a space where children and adults alike would be able to come and experience her life’s philosophy of knowledge is power and the power to give and share that knowledge is the greatest gift of all. Hence the birth of Grandma’s Place and NURTUREE, a parent/teacher support network that includes inter-generation literacy.

Dawn attended Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University Teachers College, and Fordham University’s Adult Ed Program. She has been employed by the Salem Community Service Council, Boys and Girls Harbor, the Board of Education City of NY, the Girl Scouts, and Columbia University’s Teen Parent Literacy Project.

With a degree in curriculum & teaching, a minor in children’s literature, 35 years in family workshops and a major passion for enriching the Harlem community, Dawn has built a home for family fun and learning that will shape Harlem’s history for years to come, handpicking all the books and toys not only to encourage learning but also enhance the learning experience.

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