Black History Month is dedicated to African Americans and the celebration of our country’s history. Since 1976, every February has been designated as Black History Month. This year, 2020, is also the 100-year anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance. This movement highlighted the contribution made by the Black community to the world of art and music. Next month, we’ll be highlighting a few women of the Harlem Renaissance. For now, below are some local, fun activities for Black History month.

Black History Month in the Adventure Garden
Enjoy this ethnobotanical tour of plants indigenous to Africa while attending the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden’s Discovery Center this month. Don’t miss this innovative set of activities that celebrate Black History Month. This activity is meant to draw connections between plants and the black culture to teach this story from a new angle. Stop by weekday afternoons or all day weekends now through March 1st.

Join Malika Lee Whitney of the Pickney Players at NDI”s Community Day – for an engaging, creative storytelling presentation reflecting diverse cultures from places around the world. Children and families are invited to participate in exciting, high energy dance classes, enjoy a performance by NDI’s Celebration Team, and learn more about NDI’s mission to bring the highest quality arts education programming to children. Admission is FREE. Please RSVP.
The Center for African and Diaspora Dance brings their popular class for toddlers from Brooklyn to Harlem again this year! Through play, games, drum, dance, and call and response, children will learn how to dance styles and play rhythms from Africa and its Diaspora.
This fast paced, interactive class engages babies and toddlers with creative dance movements. Children will be dancing, drumming and singing with joy! Parents and guardians should come ready to play and participate! *Recommended for ages 3 years and up.

‘And Still, We Rise’ A Black History Month Art Excursion

This event will showcase and honor Black artists that ignited political and social change during their time. You will have the opportunity to even create some of your own pieces inspired by theirs! We will be focusing on the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance, and the post-war years. This event will take place on February 27th at the Hansborough Recreation Center.

Black History Month Lecture – Harlem Architecture

Consider attending this engaging lecture at Roger Morris Park on the 27th. Learn about the architecture and its importance during the jazz age by architect and historian, John Reddick. Enjoy learning about local early twentieth-century designs, including the Roger Morris Apartment and Colonial Park & Pool, and the architecture of Harlem and the work of African American architect, Vertner Tandy.

Black Botany: The Nature of Black Experience

This exhibit seeks to acknowledge and reconsider the complex relationship between enslaved Black people, nature, and the colonial environment. The exhibit will focus on five plants—cotton, the peacock flower, rice, the peanut, and the vanilla orchid.

Michelle Caines
Author: Michelle Caines

Co-creator of Uptown Birdies, Michelle is a Harlem-born mother of three with a passion for anything educational and mindfulness. She enjoys hunting down affordable kid-friendly events within upper Manhattan and teaching mindfulness. Social handle: @mscaines & @tlbmindfulness