UB is your uptown info hub: we’re a platform that aims to connect NYC uptown families with activities taking place in our neighborhoods while promoting local businesses.

Uptown Birdies was created to solve a major parenting problem. Finding enjoyable family fun within our uptown neighborhoods. While digging and searching for local activities, we’ve come across a few issues that hold us back from participating: the price is astronomical, the quality is sub-par, or even worse we get the first two down but it’s located in Park Slope! Believe it or not, there are activities for the whole family that fit the desirable criteria and located Uptown! That’s where we come in: At Uptown Birdies, two moms who went looking, decided they could be of help and created this space as a piece of the larger community. We were tired of getting the goods via word of mouth or signing up for endless email updates. We needed one place to contain family events, date night eateries, local kids classes, and more, all in one nest. Along came the birth of Uptown Birdies! Providing one single place to grab all your local info from.

We focus on our favorite ‘neighbs’: Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood and sometimes the BX. All the while taking a special interest in the small businesses that make up the fabric of northern Manhattan and create that small town feel. Whether extracurriculars, festivals, or articles navigating the school system, Uptown Birdies encompasses all of what Upper Manhattan has to offer.You’ll always be informed on what’s happening in and around the ‘hood.

Michelle is  a Harlem born and raised mother of three, with a passion for anything educational, and good eats. When she’s not working, homeschooling, or eating out with her little birdies, Michelle enjoys finding and researching affordable kid-friendly events within upper Manhattan. She is a district 5 & 6 parent.

Shaneeka is a lifelong Harlem resident, and mom to 8yo daughter J. A proud New Yorker – Shaneeka takes delight, immersing in all NYC has to offer: classes & theater, street shows & fairs. She is a passionate advocate for education in its various forms and keeps her daughter busy with figure skating, karate, and ballet. She is a District 5 parent.

At UB, we love to have fun and explore the city with our birdies. There are tons of fun events uptown and so much to become emersed in. Although the possibilities are endless when it comes to experiences and exploration, we understand that most programs aren’t easily accessible. For this reason, we create experiences FREE or at very low costs to our subscribers. Be sure to subscribe to learn more about our upcoming events.

Something missing? Want to add an event, tell us about your business? Noticed a link not working? Use the contact us form to help us keep things up to par: Click here to reach out to Uptown Birdies.