Since 2011, the NYC Multicultural Festival has provided New Yorkers with a fantastic opportunity to celebrate their own cultural heritage, whatever it may be, and learn about those of their neighbors. Uptown Birdies attended both of this year’s Multicultural Festivals! While taking in the wonderful diversity of our city, visitors were able to create something unique from our arts and crafts table, and to subscribed to our website.

Experience multiculturalism with all your senses! The festival showcases many genres of performing and visual arts from numerous traditions, including a feature performance by the New York African Chorus Ensemble. You can learn about another culture’s folklore from storytellers, and participate yourself by creating arts and crafts from around the world. Face-painters were on hand to help you look the part too! The festival also offers a chance to indulge in the smells and tastes of various delicious cuisines. There was also an opportunity to care for yourself and your family with free health screenings and other offerings, and to educate yourself on a variety topics including immigration, safety, summer camp, and of course all things uptown! This was all made possible by Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer and community leader Joyce Adewumi.

Multicultural Fest takes place every year, in June.  We look forward to having even more fun next year!

Abigail Karr
Author: Abigail Karr