What’s interesting about William Marshall, creator of BENSWIC sports is not that he holds three personal training certificates for various age groups. Nor is it that last year he lead his first successfully ran summer program and year round track team. It’s that he harnesses an extreme passion for his work and is full of drive. High energy is somewhat expected of a ‘fitness coach’ but Bill’s energy is almost spiritual.

Benswic creator, William Marshall

Uptown Birdies set up a meeting with Bill at Serengeti Teas & Spices – a quaint Central Harlem tea shop. We talked about his goals for his company and his plans to extend his reach to during school hours, think sports recess, and after school programming. He also wants to create a space for homeschoolers. The overall goal is to unite families, prevent disease and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bill is big on family and it is the foundation that his business stands on. The name “Benswic” is an acronym using the names of his four children, himself and his wife. When you speak to him he casually mentions how he used to train his daughter in track – and it seems evident that the interest he had in assisting his daughter to her highest potential, is what led him to where he is now.

And what a place that he’s arrived at. His sports and fitness academy Benswic is growing by leaps and bounds. What started as a track & field training program, has become a full time, multi-sports business. Last year’s summer camp did exceedingly well. With little PR, Bill was certain the camp would have just a few kids. However, through good old fashioned word of mouth, a lot of kids showed up. He thought it was a fluke, but the next day they came back, and kept on every day – even on rainy days, the camp was full. Although there are other sports camps in Harlem, Bill’s passionate enthusiasm for what he does and for how he can improve other’s lives is evident.

Based in Manhattan, New York Benswic offers athletic and personal training, which includes 1-on-1, semi-private, sports specific and teams, to children and adults from age 7 to adults. We also offer services in fitness and multi-sports, such as flag football, soccer, basketball, running and volleyball to after school programs. We currently have one sports league, which is Cross Country and Track & Field and we are looking to expand in the future. -benswic.com

This summer, building off of their momentum from last year, BENSWIC has secured an enormous space at the Eugene McCabe Field/Park on 120th Street and Park Avenue where Benswic will have Soccer Camp, Multi Sports Camp as well as track camp. Keep in mind that BENSWIC provides strength training for all ages, yoga partnerships, mommy and kid training and just about anything physically challenging that you can think of!

For more info, visit BENSWIC.com and tell them UB sent you!

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