Author: Shaneeka Wilson

Mini Survival Experts

Move over Bear Grylls! Our Young Explorers are ready for the outdoors! On Friday July 7, Uptown Birdies hosted an Outdoor Adventure walk with Earth Living Skills. We headed into Inwood Hills Park and our guide, Nancye Good taught us how to survive and connect with nature. We completed several fun exercises; under Nancye’s tutelage, we listened to the outdoors and learned how what you hear can affect your livelihood. We learned how to “foxwalk” – a method of waking almost silently in order to hunt for food (or escape being prey). We also learned a little about foraging, how the vines of certain plants have water in them. How to spot and prevent poison ivy: “Leaves of 3, let them be” – but luckily, if you must pass through the itchy stuff to get to shelter or safety – Nancye taught us a great survival tip: Jewelweed, a plant which almost always grows near poison ivy – can be used to protect against or lessen the sting of a rash. And of course, the coup de gras – FIRE!!! Fire serves many purposes in nature, and Nancye spoke to us about being safe with fire, respecting the area that we create the fire in, making sure we put our fire out completely so it does not spread. Using a paracord bow drill, friction and dry leaves, we created...

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We had a blast at “Doctor Kid President” Children’s Art show

Uptown Birdies was invited to celebrate the closing reception of “Doctor Kid President” Art exhibition by Brian Belott; a collection of children’s art. Housed in the Gavin Brown Enterprise Art Gallery, the majority of the art was from the Rhoda Kellogg International Children’s Art Collection. Rhoda Kellogg was a school teacher and psychologist who collected numerous pieces of art from children between the ages of two and eight. Brian Belott, the curator/artist also re-created works from various children. Alongside these works of art, were art pieces from our own local neighborhood children. Various schools were invited to visit the exhibit this past Spring to create their own artwork, and it was on display for everyone to enjoy! Uptown Birdies was honored to be a part of their July 1st art closing. The closing reception was complete with an interactive puppet show by Poncili Creacion, storytelling by our friends from The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and of course Arts & Crafts! We made paper bag birdie puppets, bookmarks, and colored! We danced and laughed and met lots of new friends! Scroll through for pictures of this fantastic event! There’s so much going on...

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Co-operative parenting

“A house divided cannot stand” – this popular bible verse has been used time and again to explain what seems obvious: opposition reaps disaster, usually in the form of war, or in some cases – divorce. What tends to begin with grand parties and celebrations (usually exceeding amounts of $30K), end far too often in broken hearts, angry families, and sadly – hurt children. While the American divorce statistics stay around 50% – the rate at which people are divorcing has dropped. In other words, couples are staying married longer than in recent years. Psychologists have suggested a myriad...

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