Author: Michelle Caines

The Art Lab at Uptown Studio NYC

Uptown Studio NYC is host to a number of creative and movement classes. Ballet by Uptown Ballet Academy being one of my family’s favs! But there’s an upcoming art class that seems pretty interesting! From The Art Lab at Uptown Studio NYC: Art classes focused on skill building and encouraging individual expression for preschoolers through 5th Graders.  Taught by Sandra Meadows. Drawing Cartoons for K-2 on Sundays 2:00-3:00 p.m. (September 10th-October 29th, no classes on 9/24 and 10/8)  Students will learn how to draw their favorite characters and place them in action scenes. 6 weeks: $160 Comic Strip Development: Manga for...

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Dance and Theatre for Kids – Uptown!

Inspired by the natural enthusiasm for dance and theatre by their 3 year old daughter,  Jeff and Melissa created I CAN DO THAT NYC in 2015.  With over 25 years of experience and major appearances on Broadway and National Tours including THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, GUYS AND DOLLS, WONDERFUL TOWN, EVITA, THE PAJAMA GAME, ANYTHING GOES, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, WEST SIDE STORY, NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, and A CHORUS LINE,  Jeff and Melissa know just about everything AND everyone in the world of Theatre and Dance. And they are bringing their passion Uptown! The class is for 5-7 year olds and...

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Let’s Talk Schools: 7th Annual Independent School Admission Panel & School Fair

From Let’s Talk Schools: Just as every student has unique needs, every school has unique strengths. Let’s Talk Schools believes when parents are empowered with information to find the right school for their child, everyone wins. We are interested in helping parents explore their school options. During our event, you will have the opportunity to learn about various schools, including those you may not have considered, and receive guidance through the independent school and Hunter application process during our panel discussion. Admission directors and representatives from kindergarten and middle school programs will be at the school fair to provide...

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Summer of Sports with BENSWIC

What’s interesting about William Marshall, creator of BENSWIC sports is not that he holds three personal training certificates for various age groups. Nor is it that last year he lead his first successfully ran summer program and year round track team. It’s that he harnesses an extreme passion for his work and is full of drive. High energy is somewhat expected of a ‘fitness coach’ but Bill’s energy is almost spiritual. Benswic creator, William Marshall Uptown Birdies set up a meeting with Bill at Serengeti Teas & Spices – a quaint Central Harlem tea shop. We talked about his goals for his company and his plans to extend his reach to during school hours, think sports recess, and after school programming. He also wants to create a space for homeschoolers. The overall goal is to unite families, prevent disease and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bill is big on family and it is the foundation that his business stands on. The name “Benswic” is an acronym using the names of his four children, himself and his wife. When you speak to him he casually mentions how he used to train his daughter in track – and it seems evident that the interest he had in assisting his daughter to her highest potential, is what led him to where he is now. And what a place that he’s arrived at. His sports...

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Uptown Stories – Year Round Writing for ages 8-14

Uptown Stories is a federally approved non-profit creative writing program in Washington Heights. Classes are structured primarily as workshops, where the students read and discuss each other’s writing, creating a community of young authors. Workshops meet on a ten-week cycle, with nine two-hour-long classes followed by a celebratory reading in the evening for friends and family.  To ensure our workshops are accessible to all children, families pay tuition at a self-determined rate, from $500 for full tuition to $1. Visit for more info. There’s still room in the summer writing workshops! Your child can create magical worlds, poetic dreams,...

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